You Weighed In... Your Favorite Hamptons Restaurant!

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 10, 2009

    YOU voted and it looks like your favorite pair of twins, the Koch Brothers, took 1st place in the "What's Your Favorite Hamptons Restaurant?" poll this week. After experiencing the Day & Night brunch party ourselves, we can easily see why they placed first, and not to mention the brothers' good looks. Day & Night Restaurant won the poll with a 23% of the vote, while Georgica came in 2nd with 16%. With the top two finishers being new to the Hamptons scene this year, makes you wonder if everyone is sick of the old and ready for a change? Who came in next? Click below for full results...

    Losing by a shy 4% to Georgica, Surf Lodge came in 3rd. Another one of our favorite places, the Surf Lodge seems to have everything just right: food, music and a generally good vibe. Coming in 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th respectively was Philippe, Nick & Toni's, Savanna's and Bobby Van's. In 8th place was good old Slo' Jacks. Don't let your opinion be swayed by this result though, because Slo' Jacks is a GofG Hamptons favorite. It may not be white linen table service, but who needs that anyways when Slo' Jacks offers the very best onion rings, hamburgers, hot dogs, a surf shack, and mini-golf. In last place with 5% of the vote was the cougar capital of the Hamptons, Nello Summertimes. Guess GofG readers must not really be that into surgically enhanced women that are 35+ and wear clothes from their child's closet.