Artist John Codling's Opening At Waasteria In Wainscott

by Anna Lombardi · July 19, 2011

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    Former Wall Streeter, John Codling traded in his suits for paintbrushes when he hit the art scene with his "Sundays with Chris" series. The collection of paintings of Christopher Walken stirred up quite a buzz back in 2009, and over this weekend guests piled into the Waasteria Fallery in Wainscott to check out the over 200 pieces of work for his new show. The turn out was great, even everybody's favorite (and usually under the radar) NERD Pharrell Williams came out to support.

    Along with the astounding artwork, Codling will be hosting special event through the gallery to raise money for the charity "Solving Kids' Cancer", of which he is a member of the board.

    A five year old's dream play house. Who am I kidding, I still want one!

    Yeah, whatever, Wall Street!

    Pharrell is looking a little on the thin side, but does he ever look bad? No, the answer is he doesn't.

    Obviously I am following up a photograph of Pharrell with this Codling piece, #appropriate.