Hamptons Beach Read Of The Day: A Moveable Feast

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 17, 2009

    While some may argue nothing can beat a summer in the Hamptons, taking a break and escaping in Hemingway's world in A Moveable Feast doesn't seem like a bad idea either. His life in 1920's Paris seemed like a vacation everyday, and while the party scene in the Hamptons may seem eventful to some, it seems dull in comparison to Hemingway's scene. Travels to Spain, skiing in the Alps, and the company he kept in Paris - whether it be Gertrude Stein, F.Scott Fitzgerald, or Ezra Pound, these were only a few of the people he caroused with, drank with, boxed with and dined with. Because as one of the world's most famous writers said "You belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencil." At the time, I don't think that Paris was just fine with that.