Hamptons Beach Read Of The Day: Four Blondes

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 10, 2009

    In honor of Candace Bushnell gracing us with her presence this past weekend at the 5th Annual Author's Night at Easthampton Library, we thought it was about time we brought you Four Blondes as book of the day. Her sophomore novel to Sex & the City, we realize this may be tried and true by many New York City gals by now. Regardless, the story of model-cum-socialite-cum-?, Janey Wilcox is so over the top and Hamptons relevant we can't finish the summer out without recommending it as a beach read... Whether you're just a big fan of Bushnell's style of writing or want to count how many references in the book you can spot (between restaurants, stores and beaches, the short story practically covers them all) then it's the quick read for you. On top of it, the other three breezy stories amongst the four are as equally entertaining. My personal favorite: The story of Princess Cecilia, a nobody who knew some day she'd marry a somebody, and ended up on the arm of a prince. Her high society meets Valley Of The Dolls type lifestyle is as equally as vapid and page-turning as Janey's.