Hamptons Beach Read Of The Day: Tipsy In Madras

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 20, 2009

    Now while the Hamptons may not be, say, Nantucket, and night life here is starting to be overrun with flashy clubs and gimmicky restaurants a lot of the time, we still have faith that here there remains intimate dinner parties and sunny days at the beach, casual lunch dates, and the perfect cocktail. Amongst these, there is still a preppy subculture here, and those that would truly appreciate some of the drink concoctions that are in Tipsy in Madras, a rare and out of print recipe book about preppy 80s drinks with stories behind them...As entertaining as it is useful (no more throwing in wrongful proportions of gin to tonic for you!), it's a great party gift. But don't take my word for it: What defines a preppy cocktail? Archaism (the drink must have existed pre-80s), character (nothing cheap or easy), understatement (nothing with an umbrella) and, of course, Anglicanism (if it’s exotic, it ain’t preppy) - Publishers Weekly. If that doesn't sum up everything a preppy cocktail stands for, than I don't know what does. Just don't go looking for one at Day & Night come Saturday. Unless they're willing to throw it in a Flabong-o for you.