Summer Beach Read Of The Day: The Official Filthy Rich Handbook

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 3, 2009

    An 80s staple, nearly everyone has had the Official Preppy Handbook in their hands at least once (whether out of complete and utter seriousness or to ridicule the hell out of the thing). If you weren't aware the literary classic has a big brother, we're here to enlighten you: The Official Filthy Rich Handbook. And where better to brush up on expensive sporting activities and country clubs than in the Hamptons? So if you want tips on how to hire staff for your beach-front manse, where to get a $25K tin of caviar, the best zip codes or the ins and outs of boarding school, this book has you covered. And if you think the section entitled "Daddy, I hate my nose!" on children's plastic surgery is good, just check out the chapter list below. It may be the only thing better than the picture cameo of Julia Allison playing "the heiress". (I guess fame whore was taken).

    Chapters 1 to Uber-Rich:

    1. The Plutocrat Primer: Meet your new friends 2. Where to Live: Homing patterns 3. It Takes a Village: The art of staffing up 4. Buying a Better You: Looking the part 5. The Social Whirl: Out & about 6. Travel & Leisure: Summer is a verb 7. Float Some & Jet Some: Tycoons on the move 8. Playgrounds & Pastimes: Get a hobby 9. To Heir is Divine: Billionaire breeding habits 10. Afflictions & Pretensions: Surviving at the top