Summer Days: Hamptons Beach Read Guide

by Maggie McGlinchy · May 11, 2011

    No beach bag is complete without a book. Here are our top choices to read for your lazy days in the Long Island sun:

    "The Final Testament to the Holy Bible"- James Frey. A James Frey novel and controversy seem to go hand in hand, and his latest novel is living up to Frey standards: A story about the second coming of modern day Jesus. Unlike the white robed, sandal wearing Jesus most people are familiar with, Frey's Jesus is a heavy drinker, lives in the Bronx, impregnates a prostitute, smokes pot and is bisexual. But hurry, if you're looking for a print copy, there's only 11,000. Buy Here.


    "The Help" - Kathryn Stockett. Its New York Times review in 2009 predicted that "The Help" would become wildly popular and as it now sits at #4 on the fiction best-seller list, they were right. An emotional tale looking into the lives of black domestic servants of white, Southern households in the 1960's, "The Help" gives an inside look to the common injustice in the service world of Jackson, Mississippi. Buy Here.

    "Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me"- Chelsea Handler's Family, Friends, and Other Victims. In Chelsea Handler's fourth book "victims" account their experiences with Handler's wild lies. Although they are not told by Handler herself, they are still told with the humorous manner that Handler fans enjoy and are all about her anyway. Buy Here.


    "Tattoos on the Heart" - Father Greg Boyle. Father Greg is the founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, a program that has been successfully helping young men and women see a way out of gang life since 1988. His book is a collection of personal accounts of the various people he has worked with over the years. It is touching and fascinating with just enough religious tones to make it spiritual. Plus, all proceeds go straight to Homeboy Industries. Buy Here.

    "Something Borrowed" - Emily Giffin. Thanks to its new movie version, "Something Borrowed" is getting a lot of buzz, but the original book is a classic beach read. In true girly-novel fashion, the main plot line involves a love triangle (shocking) and the test of a life-long friendship. It could easily be finished in one beach day and after reading, it will come as no surprise that it was made into a chick flick featuring Kate Hudson. Regardless, it is a fun, easy read that will definitely be passed around. Buy Here.


    Now all you need is a cocktail in the other hand...