Summer Reading: On the Road to West Egg

by BRITTA LOFGREN · May 7, 2010

    Haven't we all been dying for a Great Gatsby remake?  Well if you're like us and simply can't wait until the end of May to make your way out to the East Egg, you can read about others living the life of Gatsby...and about them reading about Gatsby...-

    Confused yet?  Here's the lowdown: Danielle Ganek, known for her best-selling novel Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him, has written a new Hamptons-set novel called The Summer We Read Gatsby.  Set for release on May 27th, the book is filled with Ganek's usual New York scene commentary, just in a more eastern locale.  Expect typical Hamptons scenery: parties, VIPs, and gossip galore.

    The story revolves around two sisters who inherit their crazy aunt's rundown cottage on Long Island, and must agree on what to do with the house, all while dealing with constant arguments fueled by completely opposite personalities.  One would assume from the title that all the while they are reading The Great Gatsby to brush up on their Hamptons knowledge- you know, because 1922 and the roaring economy is obviously the same as 2008's Great Recession..

    And keeping in touch with her inner art-lover (Lulu revolved around the twisty-turny New York art scene), Ganek incorporates a more creative type in the form of self-proclaimed genius and artist (we imagine him pronouncing it arteeeest), Biggsy.  Biggsy spices up the sisters' somewhat stereotypical personalities, having a tendency to carry bad luck with him wherever he goes.  We figure anyone who has ever just barely missed the final Friday night Jitney can relate to this quality all too well.

    So if you're looking for a fun book about the Hamptons to read while lounging on the beach (or wishing/pretending you were on the beach), The Summer We Read Gatsby is a good find.  We're adding it to our Hamptons beach reading list right now.

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