"Best $2k I Ever Spent," Dennis Rodman Celebrates Being Over The Hill At AXE Lounge

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 6, 2011

Dennis Rodman is only five years away from qualifying to live in a retirement village! Weird right? Well he seems to be putting off his move to Florida (cause that's what all old people do, no?) and had a birthday bash at AXE Lounge in Southampton on Saturday night. He spent the night accepting lap dances, fist pumping and wearing pink. I guess 50 is the new 21? According to Dennis Rodman it is!

It's Dennis Rodman's party and he'll fist pump if he wants to!

Jessica Hwang, Alicia Nett, Lauren Peralta, and Jessica Chang

Ashley Bartlett and Caroline Christman

Lia Jung, Alessandra Nicole, and Cat King

Pink really is a great color for Dennis, no?

Nora Dunkerley, Stew Dunlop and Edite Agolli, Allan Dotan

Mollie Dorrough, Kaley Passer, Tina Lenoble, Taylor Jenson, Jessica Tong

[Photos via Rob Rich]