"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" SL East With DJ Politik, Mia Moretti And Caitlin Moe, And The Chainsmokers

by Chelsea Burcz · June 16, 2011

On Saturday night partiers packed into the newly minted SL East to pop champagne, play with glow sticks, and wear the latest fashion trends (what's up with the white gloves?). Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe showed off their tunes - as well as DJ Politik, and The Chainsmokers. I think the photos speaks for themselves...

Double fisting champagne... I like her style!

Apparently white gloves are really in this season... I didn't get the memo.

Mia Moretti supplying the tunes

Caitlin Moe rockin' out on her violin!

Caitlin Moe and Mia Morretti

[Photos via KirillWasHere]