Bridgehampton Still Doing That Polo Thing

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · August 22, 2008

    devorah rosebush\'s at polopolopolo [Photos by Rob Rich]


    The crowd was impeccable on Saturday and I got a chance to catch up with Nascar’s Tim George Jr, trade fashion tips with Katrina Peebles, and muse over weekend plans with Social Life’s Devorah Rose. Then there was Teddy John, Brianna Swanson, Becca Marcus, Emily Brill, Ariel Moses, Stephanie Wei, Adriel Reboh, Clint Spaulding, Tamie Peters Thomas, Rich Thomas and on and on and on…I walked by David Lauren and Lauren Bush and wished they’d call me over to say hi (they would actually have to know me to do that); all while managing to keep a safe distance from Michael Lohan – this year’s unofficial Polo Mascot (as deemed by me).