Dan Honan Wants You To Help Clean Up Our Beaches

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 25, 2008

    dan honan

    Dan Honan, one of the producers at Plum TV, and creator of this summer's newest fashion hit, wants us all to help close MILLSTONE and clean up the beaches out here.  I think his first step needs to be cleaning up that car of his.  YIKES!!  Seriously though, I have always found it to be ironic that some of my most "green" "liberal" hippie friends that are the FIRST ones to want to clean up the planet, are some of the more, well, dirtier of mother nature's creations  And, so you know that I'm not being overly rude, take a look at just the passenger seat floor of Dan's car below:

    dan honan\'s filthy car

    It takes concentration just to figure out where to place your feet!

    DAN: Clean up your CAR!!  Then I'll sit and listen to you tell me what to do to save our beaches!

    Thanks, R