Charlie Sheen Makes A GofG Commenter's Day At The Sloppy Tuna!

by Chelsea Burcz · August 2, 2011

    We've always realized Charlie Sheen is the man, but a #winning commenter left this little tale of his personal experience with the biggest #winner of all times,

    "Charlie Sheen is the man. I saw him dining with a crew upstairs at the Tuna. It looked like they were all having a pretty good time. I tried to send over a round of drinks but our waitress came back and told us 'thanks but no thanks….Charlie's on the wagon.' Ok, whatever, that's cool….Then she comes back with two mini surfboards racked up with 6 shots on each one. It turns out Sloppy Tuna has a drink called 'The End!' It's 6 shots on a surfboard…Go Figure. She puts it down and tells us, "No Good Deed… These are courtesy of Charlie!!'

    Charlie's the man….and The Tuna is the spot!"

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