Jerry Seinfeld Has A $17,000 Espresso Machine In His Hamptons Home..

by Christie Grimm · August 24, 2018

    Well, when you pay $32 million for a second home, it'd be pretty weird if you cut costs on the appliances. 

    Though he may not be the world's flashiest individual, Mr. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee seems to have no problem splurging where it counts, apparently owning a $17,000 Elektra Belle Epoque espresso machine. Not that that's the most extravagant purchase housed on the Seinfeld spread - a 12-acre, waterfront estate in Amagansett that the comedian purchased back in 2000 from fellow Long Island legend, Billy Joel, featuring a main house, guest house, barn, 22-car garage, and even a baseball field.

    Oh how the other half lives.. Not only is the grass greener, but the coffee's better!

    [Photo via Youtube]