Jimmy Fallon Paid For Strangers' $1000 Dinner In The Hamptons

by Stephanie Maida · August 29, 2018

    If there's one male comedian who truly doesn't seem like a jerk, it's Jimmy Fallon. 

    According to Page Six, The Tonight Show host was dining with his wife at Il Mulino in Wainscott on Monday when he couldn't help but notice how much fun a group dining nearby was having.

    He reportedly approached the table of four, told them how much he appreciated their "good vibe," then paid their $1000 bill. Casual.

    And while it was certainly a sweet (and baller) move, we just can't really consider this one of those feel-good stories about celebrities paying it forward. We mean, the group of four racking up a $1000 tab in the Hamptons most definitely could have afforded it.

    Rich people giving other rich people money - inspiring.

    [Photo via Getty]