Tiffany Trump Partied With Joe Biden's Granddaughter In The Hamptons

by Stephanie Maida · June 10, 2018

    Across the nation, friends and families are battling it out across political lines. But in the moneyed oasis that is Montauk, the Republican-Democrat divide is practically nonexistent. Especially at The Surf Lodge, where famous offspring from all walks of life can come together to party.

    On Saturday, Tiffany Trump enjoyed a special World Oceans Day performance by Jaden Smith alongside Naomi Biden, a.k.a. Joe Biden's granddaughter. The daughter of Joe's son, Hunter, Naomi was a classmate of Tiffany's at UPenn, from which they both graduated in 2016.

    While it's unclear just how friendly these two political princesses are, Tiffany did post a snap of them together on her Insta story, which also included a selfie with her bestie Andrew Warren. And though she might have been in unexpected company, it's no surprise that Tiff was partying it up at The Surf Lodge, which happens to be a First Daughter favorite - Malia Obama stopped in to celebrate her 19th birthday there last year.

    [Photo via @alan_rish, @tiffanytrump]