A Poopy Situation: Former Model Now Known As The "Dog Nazi"

by Anna Lombardi · May 20, 2011

    Former model Matthew Norklun (known as the Dog Nazi around East Hampton) wants you to clean up your poop! After finding dog feces on an East Hampton beach, he bagged and properly labeled the remains; leaving them on the steps of East Hampton Village Town Hall out of frustration for people's lack of sanitary practices. 


    Norklun was found guilty of littering and was made to pay the fine of $500.00. Mr. Norklun expressed to The East Hampton Star that he was simply,

    "Just trying to help out."


    With that plan backfiring, Norklun is now leaving it to the authorities,

    “When the police write a ticket, it has more impact than someone asking you to not do it.”

    He seems aware that there are many people who find his tactics to be a little, well... too much, stating;

    “I saw a dog kill a seal one day, I’ve been attacked. I’ve become the dog Nazi. Now people know me. I stopped one woman on the beach with her dog, and she said, ‘Oh, you’re that guy.’ ”

    But there is no stopping the Norklun!

    “Nobody wants to deal with it. I do go to the beach every day, so I care about it. It’s time to stop being polite. The dogs certainly are not.”

    I imagine the image below to be the only dog Norklun would dream of owning.


    I may be laughing now, but the truth is if I find my foot in a mound of sh*t this summer I am going to want Norklun with me (so long as he doesn't cut off my foot for evidence).