Hamptons Free Ride Gives Free Rides To Celebs, And Us

by Chelsea Burcz · May 31, 2011

    Hamptons Free Ride had their inaugural ride Friday, and a very successful Memorial Day Weekend of free rides to the beach. With twitter shout outs from Kelly Bensimon and Samantha Yanks, and Bon Jovi catching a free lift, these boys are getting off to a great start. Team GofG Hamptons was first on the scene Friday cruising around East Hampton in eco-friendly style.

    @kellybensimon tweeted: How clever: james mirras and alex esposito bought buses and are shuttling peeps around the hamptons beach. Love that. I wanna ride.

    @SamanthaYanks tweeted: Catch a ride RT @HamptnsFreeRide: and we're rollin....

    Driver Kyle White poses with his shuttle and satisfied patron Jon Bon Jovi

    Kyle White getting the free rides started Friday in Southampton, it was quite cozy in the back seat!

    Co-founder James Mirra (on right) taking a ride with Team GofG

    Check that out!