11th Annual Love Heals At Luna Farms

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 20, 2010

    Nothing could keep Hamptonites off the social circuit last weekend, even when it meant getting a little dirty at the 11th Annual Love Heals event.  Though our hearts go out to the countless pairs of stilettos ruined from mud and rain at Luna Farm, the event was still a stunning success.


    Presented by Sony α NEX cameras, guests enjoyed a professional photo session when not devouring the usual array of food, cocktails, and the new favorite dessert choice at just about every event: cupcakes (hey, we're not complaining!) Notable names at the aptly titled "Picture Perfect Summer" included Becka Diamond, Andrew Saffir & Daniel Benedict, Donny Deutsch, Hilary Rhoda, Hoda Kotb, and Molly Sims.

    A silent auction kept guests entertained while simultaneously raising money for the fund, auctioning off a few eyebrow-raising items like an in-house health evaluation (only mildly odd), an internship at Diane von Furstenberg's showroom (odd in that you're actually PAYING someone for the opportunity to work FOR FREE) and...a gift certificate for a tooth implant (odd because, well, it just is).

    But it wasn't only the gimmicks and the goodies that made this event a successful one; giving us a reason to raise our glasses, the event raised almost $350,000 which directly benefits Love Heals, The Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS. Started by Alison's three best friends, Stefani Greenfield, Victoria Leacock Hoffman and Dini von Mueffling, after she tragically lost her life to the disease, Love Heals has spread the message of safer sex practices to over 430,000 young people over the last 18 years to help prevent the spread of HIV.

    [Photos by Richard Lewin]

    [Love Heals: A True Story]