P.L.A.Y. in the Jungle 2010

by Emily Green · July 20, 2010

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    There's no better reason to justify prancing around half naked while getting shitty for an entire Sunday in the desert than charity, right? That was the genius behind Sunday's 3rd annual P.L.A.Y. In The Jungle 2010 event, a giant pool party put on by P.L.A.Y., an organization that raises funds and goods to provide less fortunate children with toys and books.

    Sunday's party, looked forward to all year long by veteran P.L.A.Y.ers, was held at a huge estate in the deep valley's Calabasas area.  Yeah, Calabasas. In a heatwave, no less. Which tells you how much these party-goers wanted to be at this epic day-long extravaganza. Thousands of bros, ladies, club promoters and the like were shuttled out to the oasis where a Wonderland of Debauchery awaited them. A sea of cowboy hats, man tanks, an denim shorts invaded the generally quiet Valley neighborhood as droves partiers arrived.

    Guests enjoyed tents of delicious food, massage stations, a casino, water slides, and of course, open bar. Oh, and there was a zoo -- and we're not talking about the party people -- an actual zoo, complete with tigers, monkeys, giraffes and a rhino. With all proceeds going to P.L.A.Y., what cold, heartless person wouldn't partake in the excuse to revert back to Spring Break in Acapulco behavior?  I mean, it's for the children.

    [All photos via Facebook]