Marc Jacobs Resort Party 2010

by SARAH FLOREA · July 20, 2010

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    Last Friday guests gathered to celebrate the completion of Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 collection at the The Wooly. Though the theme of the evening was resort wear, guests instead came dressed to the nines with face tattoos, handstamps, and over the top makeup.

    If ink wasn't your style, people tangled up in party streamers of raffle tickets.  A sea of wide-brimmed glasses could be seen in this back roomed lounge.  Fans with scenes of mariachi bands and tango dancers were a popular choice to keep cool amongst the guests.

    For those few who wanted more of an alcohol fix, a certain few carried around their own personal bottle on the dance floor, pausing only to take a swig.  For those who weren't into the rocking tunes playing (courtesy of the Nightmares), cozy couches and nooks were a great place to huddle up and socialize amongst each other.

    The room was filled with brightly colored cocktails, and towards the end of the night party goers were able to sample delicious new drinks by Mark of Whisk and Ladle ( A supper club remotely reminiscent of Yale's elite Skull & Bones society).   Like Skull & Bones' exclusive get-away island located in Upstate New York on the St. Lawrence, this party was the ultimate oasis for the Marc Jacobs party goers right here in Manhattan!