A Grand Unveiling Of Plans For The Lowline At Their Water Mill Fundraiser

by Veronica Hoglund · August 9, 2012

    As there is so little green in our fair city of New York, public parks are at times the closest thing we New Yorkers can get to "the great outdoors" without leaving the Manhattan limits. This past Saturday, an intimate gathering was held to raise funds for the Lowline, the world's first underground park. Yes, you heard me correctly! Go HERE to read more about the Lowline project, and see our interview with Dan Barasch, one of the projects co founders.

    [James Ramsey, Dan Barasch, Cooper Cox, Alex Moazed, Joan Hornig, Will Roush, George Hornig]

    A moniker developed after the infamous and always breathtaking Highline Park on the West side, the Lowline, co-founded by Dan Barasch and James Ramsey, aims to transform an abandoned trolley terminal beneath Delancey Street into a remarkable subterranean public green space.

    [Julie Su, Julia Hornig, Jackie Marino, Lizzie Geldres]

    The event was held on a beautiful Watermill estate and showcased a special discussion of the project by the founders themselves, an insiders look at the initial drawings, images, and plans for the future exhibit, as well as prevailing as a unique and extraordinary mark in what is likely to be a groundbreaking revitalization within New York history. Attendees enjoyed complimentary drinks and light eats while learning the ins and outs of the exciting project.

    [Hilary Rosenman, Bevin Kaplan, Jason Wright, Jeff Ganz, Julia Hornig, Dustin Blank, Simi Ahuja, Lauren Brightsen]

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