Artwalk Summer Party Benefit Brings Out All The Manhattan Socials To The East End

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 18, 2009

    DJ Barry, Carol Han, Ryan Walters, Scott Buccheit Bettina Prentice, Jamie Prentice, Maile Smith Jamie Korey, Lisa Salzer, Dee Dee Sides Alan Rish, Peter Davis, Sam Bolton, Fabrizio Volterra, Michael MustoAesha Waks, Liam McMullan Kelly Fulton, Casey Fremont, Lilly Hartley Anastasia Rogers, Melanie Berliet Stephen Gaghan, Minnie Mortimer Bee-Shyuan Chang, Ronen Shapiro Dan Kinder, Kathryn Allsopp Dalia Oberlander, William Heath, Ali Selby Eva Johansson, Russell Hoffman, Monica Kapoor Grace Epstein, Paul Fulton, Kelly Fulton, Lilly Hartley, Mark Ankner, Phoebe Vickers Jeffrey Caldwell, Georgina Schaeffer, Brooks Huston Field Kallop, Bettina Prentice, Lilly Hartley Peter Davis, Douglas MarshallHeather Flow, Sarah Murkett Justin Sughrue, Maile Smith, Peter Smith Titina von Waldow, Paul von Eltz Kate Humphrey, Andrea Rashish, Natalie Kates Jacqueline Quantrell, Megan Kent, Page Leidy, Courtney Moss Zev Eisenberg, Beatriz Garcia, Kipton Cronkite Keith Bloomfield, Mark Ankner, Mark Mullett Timo Weiland, Lauren Painter, Laura DuBois, Joe Barney [All photos by BILLY FARRELL for PMc].

    Amongst twinkling lights and a glittering pool, well-dressed socials gathered in Sagaponack this last weekend for a summer party to celebrate the upcoming 15th Annual ArtWalk Fall Benefit For The Coalition For The Homeless, which will honor Pat Steir. The fete was hosted by the junior committee chairs Kipton Cronkite, Peter Davis, Liam McMullan and Bettina Prentice, who was a gracious hostess on her family's estate for the evening...Also showing their support were many of the vice chairs of the committee including Carol Han, Minnie Moritimer, Kristian Laliberte, Anastasia Rogers, and even Timo Weiland, who was returning to New York City that night due to an early morning in the showroom the next day. Also in attendance for cocktails, conversation, and an art raffle were Douglas Marshall, Michael Musto, Bee-Shyuan Chang, Matt Levine, Ronen Shapiro, Casey Fremont and Scott Buccheit. As the sun set, the party only seemed to pick up, as the event still seemed to be in full swing at its 9pm end time