Banksy Opening At Southampton's Keszler Gallery

by Annie Rooney · August 24, 2011

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    If you google mapped Keszler Gallery on your way to the Banksy Opening on Saturday night, you may have ended up strolling the streets of Southampton's downtown without ever finding the venue. This particular exhibit was not shown in your typical white-walled gallery, but rather the original Banksy works were taken from locations in Los Angeles, London, Bethlehem and Brighton were displayed in the grungy Southampton Village Power Plant on North Sea Road. It was a rare alternative mixer in the Hamptons as a big crowd of hipsters and yuppies showed up to consider the original works of the politically active graffiti artist, Banksy.

    No, Banksy wasn't there, or at least was never pronounced present, as this highly popular artist continues to hold an anonymous profile.

    Featured works included "Wet Dog" taken straight from the Palestine wall where it was originally created in 2007. Others like the 2006 "Out of Bed Rat," his 2003 "Flying Copper," "Gay Bobbies," a Kate Moss print and a piece straight off a wall in Bethlehem of a little girl frisking a soldier named "Stop and Search" were available for viewing. There was a looping video playing in the back of the gallery that recounted the entire process of dismounting these original Banksy works from the locations of original creation and sending them Hamptons bound. The reception was loud and bumping for a successful night thanks to the spinning by DJ Twilo and an open bar. The exhibit will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2-7p.m.

    "Stop and Search" from the walls of Bethlehem

    "Gay Bobbies"