Beachside Bottle Service At The Gawker Clambake

by BRITTA LOFGREN · July 21, 2010

    [Photos via] So maybe they didn't have Lamborghini or fifty different alcohol sponsors, but Gawker's clambake this Saturday did have a couple things the Hamptons Magazine clambake lacked: a beach, a bottle of tequila in the sand, and a handful of drunk kids jumping in the ocean.

    The Gawker clambake, hosted by Hornitos Tequila, started as one would, margaritas, and guests calmly curling up in the sand to enjoy a summer afternoon with friends.  With a solid turnout and a gorgeous beachfront estate in East Quogue, things were going swimmingly for the hosts.  But...

    ...after a morning of partying at Day & Night, some guests were ready for a more rowdy affair.  And what's one to do when things just aren't wild enough?  Start your own party. Duh. Taking advantage of the prime beach location, these kids created their own bottle service in the sand, then ran into the ocean for a midday swim & photo shoot (as is always the case when Kirill is involved..)  The result?  A handful of drunk, rowdy, and wet Hamptons scenesters.  Aside from a little sand in the shorts, that still spells "successful clambake" in our book.