Borghese And Sang Lee Show You How To Lunch

by Adam Bertrand · July 31, 2008

    sang lee farm in peconicLunches tend to be rushed affairs, takeout from the deli down the block or a container of last night's lasagna wolfed over one's computer. Ann Marie Borghese of Castello di Borghese vineyards and Karen Lee of Sang Lee Farms wish it weren't so, and are offering a combination cooking/wine pairing class that just may convert you to the glory of the leisurely dejeuner.

    The class, which meets Thursdays at 11:30, includes a demonstration of the day's menu and what to drink with it, followed by a wine tasting and the meal itself. If you're ready to buck the soggy turkey avocado wrap for something farm fresh, organic, and original, and can spare the time and money ($40, which really isn't bad), then these two ladies might be your gastronomic godsends.

    The class meets at the Sang Lee Farmstand, 21580 County Road, Peconic, through August 7th. For Reservations call 631.734.5111.

    [Image via Loving Long Island]