Craft Beer, BBQ, And Wine, Oh My!

by Adam Bertrand · August 7, 2008

    martha clara vineyardsDamn straight m'dears; this saturday is the second annual North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ, and Wine Festival, and it's happening at the totally bucolic Martha Clara Vineyards in Jamesport. The festival was created so that more people could experience the superior tastes of regional and domestic craft brews, and was voted North Fork Event of the Year in 2007 by the highly qualified Dan Rattiner.

    In addition to unlimited micro-brews and Martha Clara's own vino, your ticket ($50 online, $70 onsite) will get you a BBQ dinner from Maple Tree BBQ, plenty of beer-pairing demos and lectures, and the opportunity to make a booze-fueled fool of yourself to the pop-rock tunes of Energy Express.