While it may have taken me a bit, somehow, some way, I finally made it to the much buzzed about Select House this weekend. Against all the navigational odds! You see, last weekend, when all the world found themselves facing parking tickets and towed cars over at The Select House's waterfront location in the name of a destined to be cool Whalebone party, I was one of the countless numbers who had been led astray - favoring Google Maps over Waze. A detail which led me not to the Gurneys end of Old Montauk Highway, but the lighthouse end! And, bizarrely enough, sending me straight to another house party - The Purist magazine issue party. And hey, not exactly a bad gig to get stuck at. But I digress.

Rumored to be for Tinder’s mysterious invite-only version, Select, the gorgeous modern house boasted tables full of Tim Tams, Timo Weiland at the DJ desk, an Aperol Spritz Truck, skateboard ramp, artists Lucien Smith and James Goldcrown spraying/painting things left and right, and, not to mention, some seriously amazing ocean views, The Select House was a fun time, to say the least. On Friday, it played host to fit chick about town Jenné Lombardo's birthday bash, attended by local insiders, surfers, and, of course, a Beastie Boy, while Saturday saw a sunset soiree full of beautiful people, as per. 

Click through for a look inside!

[Photos by Sam Deitch/BFA.com]