Do You Have Plans Tonight? Sag Harbor Theater Presents The Windmill Movie

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 19, 2009

    Tonight, a special screening of The Windmill Movie will be held at the Sag Harbor Theater starting at 8pm. Some of the places in the film may look familiar seeing as a majority of the film was shot in Watermill.  The film is an autobiography on the life of now deceased Richard P. Rogers, put together and directed by Rogers' friend and student Alexander Olch.

    Olch sifted through 200 hours of footage that Rogers had filmed over the course of twenty years. Rogers shot this footage over the course of his life to someday create a self-portrait. After his death in 2001, Olch and family worked through Rogers' footage to finish the masterpiece he always dreamed of doing. You can check out an exclusive trailer of the movie at The New York Times.