Doo.ri Chung Makes A Bellhaus

by Adam Bertrand · July 18, 2008

    CDFA fashion fund

    I dare not venture one chipped pinky toe into Bellhaus. This is what I tell myself every time I drive by, and up until now, it's worked. A boutique housing only the hard-to-find, the prêt-est of prêt-à-porter, the 2-year-waiting-list-plus-down-payment-and-2001's-electricity-bill-handbags... such is not what the bank statement ordered. Temptation, scorning all matters pecuniary, has only grown stronger since I learned that Doo.ri Chung will be giving an in-store talk this Saturday.

    In case you've never seen them, Doo.ri's clothes are fantastic: simple, in flowing fabrics like chiffon and jersey, but are somewhat geometric in their structure -think a mix of Franciso Costa's work at Calvin Klein, Reyes, and Phillip Lim. Though she's pretty new to the scene (her first runway show was in fall of '05), Doo.Ri won the CDFA fashion fund in 2006 and hasn't faltered since. 

    And though her wares aren't as expensive as those of more established designers, they are, for now, out of my grubby reach. Bah. Hopefully the same can't be said of yours, so go check her out tomorrow at 3.

    Bellhaus is located at 328 Montauk Highway, Wainscott

    [Image via Ego Design]