From The Club To The Course, The Award For the Rowdiest Golf Foursome Goes To... Team Dune

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 30, 2009

    [Matt Shendell of Dune fame checks out his next shot] Apparently no surprise to everyone who was at the Hamptons Golf Classic last year, we have to give it to Team Dune for the most fun, rowdiest group out there once again for another round. The fun foursome, made up of Dune genius Matt Shendell, right hand man Daniel Whaldron, Glenn Cho, and Topher Grubb was definitely the team for us to follow as they had us zipping around behind them (thank goodness Kendra's golf cart driving is better than her golf skills).

    Complete professionals when it came to actually playing the game, they knew how to have fun in between holes and when off-roading around the green. Did we mention these fellows really know how to drink too? In between holes they were definitely taking full advantage of the sampling stations set up, nine in total. No shocker that they knew how to have a good time, considering that's what they do for a living. We're excited to get the scoop on how they did though - especially with that 3rd (or 4th... or 5th...) drink in them.

    All play between holes but it's down to business when Team Dune hits the green