Hamptons Golf Classic: Missing Links

by Adam Bertrand · June 24, 2008

    david tyree with hawaiian tropic girlsOne of the issues many people (myself included) have with charity events is the over-achieving press release. Usually, what happens is something like this: the PR firm handling the event sends out a info sheet to various media outlets, announcing, briefly, what will be going on, who it's for, and who the sponsors are, followed by a long list of attending stars and starlettes. A few of these, namely the ones being paid, or who want something in return (like a $1,000,000 cc membership), will actually show, although unless the event involves a sport the celeb actually practices, the appearance is generally of the wham, bamn, take-my-picture-maam. A tipster informed us that such was the case at the Hamptons Golf Classic, where, apart from host David Tyree, very few of the guests even showed, and Tyree himself did little more than pose for pictures with the Hawaiian Tropics girls.

    While I understand that many of the alleged attendees have very jam-packed schedules that prevent them from spending six hours playing golf, and granted there was 50% chance of thunderstorms, I don't get why they bother accepting the invitation, or rather, why the PR firms are willing to add them, only to suffer embarrassment at the hands of disappointed fans.

    [Image via Film Magic]