I don't know what your Sunday looked like, but I'm going to bet just about anything it wasn't as chic as Lauren Santo Domingo and company's. Though the hostess may be a bit restrained in her social media sharing, no Derek Blasberg attended event goes undocumented. 

And so the plebeian public was graced with an iPhone painted portrait of Santo Domingo's pastoral Southampton property set up for a badminton tournament straight out of a Wes Anderson / Whit Stilman collaboration. A co-ed competition pitting uniformed teams against each other, all came to play in their tennis whites finest - with men dressed in pinstripe Fila polos and ladies styled in WASPy, Tory Sport ensembles. Each look was completed with knee high socks and, but of course, a full aggressive set of head to wrist sweat bands. 

For those not in the Sporty Spice mood, spectatorship took on a new level of sophistication, as Tory Burch, Huma Abedin, Mini Muse Founder Colby Mugrabi, W Magazine Style Director Sara Moonves, and more played cheerleaders to an enthusiastic crew.

Let's just say, more than a few tumbles took place. Though all in all, as Derek related, "In sports, winning isn't everything... looking cute is! (We lost every single game but took home the best dressed trophy.)."

We'd say that sounds about right.

[Photo via @mrcarlosgarciavelez]