And so, just like that, with an overcast, slightly sunny spark, Memorial Day Weekend is over, and the summer season is off to a start. As one could have expected, especially with the loss of beloved twinkle-light lit haunt Moby's, all roads, all invitations, all Instagrams lead to Montauk (AKA, as an entertaining number of people's going out aesthetic this weekend might have suggested, the Miami of the Northeast). And more specifically, The Surf Lodge.

All of social note were in attendance Saturday and Sunday it seemed, picking on towers of chips, crudités, mini lobster rolls, putting on a tipsy show, swaying to the music just long enough for that enviable Instagram story to scare the FOMO into all their follower friends. Cole Ramstad and Lukas Graham made for quite the good vibes soundtrack - not to mention a surprise set by Ghostface Killah that got the party going.

Couldn't quite make it past the waiting pen? Let's just say you missed quite a good time, pretty cool people every which way you looked - even a Princess!

[Photos by BFA]