NOTAGALLERY.COM, Refinery29 Host Timo Weiland Pop-Up Shop At Tenet

by BRITTA LOFGREN · September 1, 2010

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    NOTAGALLERY.COM, with their "we like art for the sake of art" attitude, found some new non-gallery walls to inhabit on Saturday evening, joining Refinery29 in hosting the opening of designer Timo Weiland's pop-up shop at Tenet.

    Bulldog Gin and PBR helped guests relax after a long, sunny Saturday (and more readily open up their wallets to all the goodies on display) while they perused designs for both their wardrobes and homes. Fun and affordable art (NOT A GALLERY'S modus operandi) tempted some shoppers to go online and order one for themselves right then and there, while others kept busy exploring Timo's fall collection. As Refinery29 elaborated, the collection was filled with "unisex tuxedo blazers with silk lapels, hard-core trenches, and loose-knit, open weave sweaters in bright hues." I suppose entering fall in some brightly-colored open weave sweaters may help ease the mourning over summer's end...

    Jesse Warren, Timo Weiland, Justin Belmont

    The party was hosted by Tenet's owner Jesse Warren, NOTAGALLERY.COM founder Justin Belmont and REFINERY29 editor Kristian Laliberte. Attendees included young Hamptons socials such as art entrepreneur Anne Huntington, musician Chris Baker (along with his big sis Alessandra), Paper Magazine's Luigi Tadini, fashionista Marina Albright and (of course) Timo Weiland and his design partner Alan Eckstein.

    Be sure to swing by Tenet during these last few days of summer and pick up some new fun fall fashions! (Added bonus: as Kristian Laliberte dished..and we don't exactly disagree..."owner Jesse Warren sure is easy on the eyes!")

    Timo Weiland, Justin Belmont, Kristian Laliberte