Silent Disco Becomes Invisible Disco...And Now "Non-Exisitent Disco?"

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · August 6, 2009

    [Photo via BlogHamptons] Plum TV's Keenan Duffy had it right the first time when he called Jack Wills' Silent Disco the Invisible Disco. Let's go back in time just for a moment... Back on June 25th, Jack Wills was supposed to host their Silent Disco party at Main Beach. Due to fog issues, the party was unfortunately cancelled, but media outlets and guests were not notified about this cancellation... Jack Wills apologized about the miscommunication and attempted to re-schedule the Silent Disco to take place this Saturday at Atlantic Beach. Well, surprise, surprise, it has been cancelled yet again. This time around though, there will be no re-scheduling of the party. Jack Wills has stated that obtaining the proper permits to host the party has been extremely difficult, therefore, they have decided to scrap the Silent Disco Party in the Hamptons all together. It now seems sort of pointless that The Hamptons are listed on the back of the Jack Wills Seasonnaires Grand Tour 2009 T-Shirt. Better luck next year folks. If you are still bummed about missing the Silent Disco party, you can travel to either Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Greenwich, or Cape Cod.