Soaking Up The Sun For The Little Flower Organization At Salt Water Grill In Westhampton

by KENDRA SEAY · August 18, 2009

    [Emily Cassaro, Christina Tesauro, Lauren Gallager, Keegan Forte, Kellen McCooey. All photos by P. Maklary for Rob Rich] Dune Road's Salt Water Grill inside the Dune Deck Beach Resort in Westhampton opened its' patio for a Saturday afternoon bash as Kathleen Rafferty and Moira Donahue, along with Peter Dorst, Allie Fell and Keegan Forte hosted a summer party to benefit the Little Flower organization... The ocean front restaurant, formerly home to Star Boggs with same owners as our favorite, John Scott's, has been on the up and coming all summer which comes to no surprise as it marked the perfect location as guests overlooked the water with cocktails, hors d'ouevres, and live music.

    Lauren Tedesco, Anne Schlussler, Katie Machir

    Lauren Addis, Gabby DeMatteis, Andrew Addis

    Bittany Barnet, Jason Windoeller, Evan Fell

    Hope Daley, Amy Zoller, Laura McDaniel, Kerry Irvine, Debbie Laplace

    Lena Carlucci, Casey Grier