TBD Throws Down For Ryder Robinson's Hinterland Art Opening

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 18, 2009

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    The pop-up shop that's been getting so much press this summer, otherwise known as TBD, located smack dab in the middle of all the action in Southampton on Jobs Lane, decided to mix things up again and hold another event in their primarily menswear store. The boys of TBD, Jesse Warren and Peter Hananel, hosted the opening of Hinterland...

    With drawings and photographs by the artist Ryder Robinson last Saturday and brought out fans, friends, and bewildered shoppers, who while some may have been unaware of the event, were excited to stumble upon their favorite store filled with Dos Equis and party guests. Now that we know where the party's at boys, when's the next one?

    Ryland Hilbert IV, Michael Matz, TBD co-owner Jesse Warren

    Ryder Robinson, Steven Rojas, Kendra Seay, Carson Griffith (filming for GofG Hamptons)

    Ryder Robinson, Carson Griffith, Ryland Hilbert IV

    Ryder Robinson, Steven Rojas (future bromance?)