The Hamptons Golf Classic V Dinner at Savanna's

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 1, 2009

    [Chris Duhon's family breaks bread with Hamptons Golf Class founder, Zev Norotsky]

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    As a pre-cursor to the Hamptons Golf Classic V, participants and those just in it for the entertainment or golf carts (like... us) came together for the Hamptons Golf Classic Dinner held at Savanna's on Sunday night. The exclusive event was a small soiree, with delicious treats and a happy crowd soaking up the good weather.

    The Knick's Chris Duhon, founder of The Stand Tall Foundation, was able to enjoy dinner with the whole family post cocktail hour. Other guests included Beth Stern, Zev Norotsky, Ariel Moses and her father, Dr. Jeffrey Moses, Couri Hay, Richie Notar, Adam Alpert, Jason and Haley Binn, Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richtofen, Keven Duffy, and Neal Sroka and Joe Jurist of Savanna's. More exclusive pictures of the event after the jump!