The Sixth Annual SuperBurger Competition At Montauk Yacht Club

by Yumi Matsuo · August 28, 2012

    On Saturday, the sixth annual SuperBurger competition was held at the Montauk Yacht Club. In the backyard of the club, overlooking the marina, an area was roped off for the fierce competition between some of the best burger creators of the East End and Manhattan. The backyard bash was a casual event decorated with picnic tables, paper towel napkins, and ping pong tables. In addition to the burger booths, Amstel Light lined the harbor side with kegs on end, providing unlimited tap beer for the four hour event.

    [This year's winner Seamus Mullen with Mark Pastore and Paul Denamiel]

    Some of the burger champions in the competition included Seamus Mullen, chef and owner of Tertulia, PJ Clarkes the famous and historic burger joint known for feeding the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Depp, and of course the Montauk Yacht Club. Burgers were the highlight of the afternoon, providing all guests with mouthwatering bites.

    A crowd favorite would have to be the Bacon Beach Burger, a classic bacon cheese burger with a twist. It was an afternoon of indulgence when it came to burgers and beers, and it was all topped off with mint chocolate pie provided by Momofuku milk bar and Tito vodka cocktails. The event was a great success, and put everyone into a state of gluttony by 4 pm.

    [Ben Leventhal, Spike Mendelsohn, Kate Krader, Lee Schrager, Josh Capon, Patrick LaFrieda via]

    [Matthew Purpura, Gennaro Pecchia] [Patrick LaFrieda, Josh Capon]

    Rated on a 100-point scale by the five judges, Patrick LaFrieda, Spike Mendelsohn, Josh Capon, Kate Krader, and Lee Schrager, first place went to Seamus Mullen with his Hamurguesa Ligeramente Ahumada. The lightly smoked beef burger topped with smoked American cheddar, caramelized onion jam, and nora pepper ketchup won Seamus a spot in the New York City or Miami Food and Wine Festival.

    [Seamus Mullen]

    [Seamus Mullen] [Spike Mendelsohn, Kate Krader]

    [Seamus Mullen] [Harold Moore]

    [Spike Mendelsohn, Harris Damashek] [Patrick LaFrieda, photos via]

    [Judges: Patrick LaFrieda, Spike Mendelsohn, Josh Capon, Kate Krader, Lee Schrager via]

    Guests included Dennis Crowley, Ben Leventhal, Mark Pastore, Paul Denamiel, Anthony Scillia, Dino Borri, Matthew Purpura, PJ Calapa, Harold Moore, and Gennaro Pecchia.

    [Mark Pastore, Paul Denamiel] [Anthony Scillia, Dennis Crowley]

    [Anthony Scillia, Lee Schrager] [Dino Borri]

    [Patrick LaFrieda, Josh Capon]

    [Matthew Purpura] [PJ Calapa]

    [Photos via Facebook]