I wear two long sleeved shirts to SoulCycle. I consider cashmere sweaters a summer staple. But even I had as little clothing on as possible this weekend. Case in point, I went to the East Hampton Antiques & Design Show in a bikini top and scarf-wrapped-as-a-skirt. Which is all to say that if I determine it's too hot to wear something, it's not an opinion, it's a fact. 

This weekend, Chanel transformed Sunset Beach on Shelter Island into an uber chic yacht club to fête the 20th anniversary of their iconic J12 Watch. The private party on Saturday saw a gorgeous tablescape with beach views of Chanel surfboards, a double C stamped boat floating off in the distance, and even a special performance by Billie Eilish. There's no doubt that this was the party to be at. But, on a night with zero breeze in the middle of an actual heatwave (many times people say there's a heatwave, while I'm turning off the AC and opening the windows, so), I was wide-eyes at some of the ensembles guests were sporting. 

This was not a long sleeves evening, so I can only imagine what a serious sweat show it must have been underneath these gowns. And a part of me gets it. They're all wearing Chanel. Outfits surely loaned to them after being picked out to wear weeks ago, when no one could have anticipated the weather. But hey, Lauren Santo Domingo's definitely got some other Chanel options in her closet, and Caroline Sieber Von Westenholz is a Chanel brand ambassador, so she's got to be packing too!

Obviously all of the women looked their chicest selves. We just hope the Chanel interns have the forethought to get those looks dry-cleaned before throwing them back in the sample circuit, you know?

[Photo by Carl Timpone/BFA.com via]