ICYMI: Sasha Benz, Creative Director of Montauk hot spot The Surf Lodge, gathered her chic tribe of insiders to launch her latest endeavor: Cinq

With a decidedly millennial target and hashtags like #evenyourmomcinqs, this new smartphone app seeks to streamline the process of sharing contacts and organizing your address book. Cinq will replace the need for business cards and move the task of giving out your work email from a fumbling, messy experience to a minimal, user-friendly one. 

The event was hosted on the private beach behind a raucous Bob Moses concert, and included guests like May Kwok, Jayma Cardoso, Dria Murphy, Jessica and Ashley Hart, Quincy Davis, Scarlett Schoeffling, Dougie Joseph, Chantal Monaghan, Roosmarijn de Kok, Dylan Hales, Ronnie Flynn, Tommy Saleh, and more.  

In a world crowded with people you only kind of know, Cinq will be the place for those prized people who can really help you get things done. 

Click through for images from Montauk's most insider event this past weekend. 

[Photos via Madison McGaw/ BFA.com]