Perfect poses, pool floats, and plenty of leggy blondes. If you so much as even logged in to Instagram this summer, chances are you're familiar with the exclusive Hamptons house parties thrown by REVOLVE for A-list celebs and the #OOTD set. A simple scroll through the hashtag #REVOLVEintheHamptons shows a photogenic display of It Girls, champagne, and a mansion that Gatsby himself would be eager to be invited to. But what's it really like to attend one of these blogger bashes? This weekend, I had the chance to find out. 

Hosted by rapper Travis Scott, the final soiree started making waves days before. On the train out East, I overheard at least two different groups making plans to get to Bridgehampton on Saturday. Since I was staying in Montauk, a few towns over, this surge of interest made me wary of the probable surge in Uber prices. Luckily, I ended up getting a ride. 

On the day of the big event, my friend (and fellow GofG writer) pulled her Jeep up on some neighboring grass (sorry!) and we ran (in heels!) down an ungodly long hedge-lined lane as we heard Travis Scott starting to wrap up his performance. Of course, a REVOLVE bus full of stylish girls overtook us at the entrance, but once we finally checked in, well, it was a sight to be seen.

An expansive, somehow perfectly green lawn stretched for yards, wrapping around a pool, a guest house, a swing set, a tennis court, and the life-size letters spelling out the brand's name. The majority of guests were crowded under a tent on the opposite side of the backyard, phones out, jumping on the dance floor while Scott played his final song. I grabbed a seat at one of the all-white, poolside cabanas (which was later occupied by supermodel Chanel Iman and friends), and watched as the group dispersed. I immediately recognized some of the stars of my favorite accounts, like Caroline Daur and Chriselle Lim, as well as the A-list likes of Olivia Culpo, Elsa Hosk, and Jasmine Sanders (a.k.a. Golden Barbie). Now it was time to mingle. 

Various bars and hideouts were scattered about the property, including a Ciroc tiki bar, a Fiji water station, and an entire tent dedicated to Moët Ice Imperial and Ice Rosé - the first champagne designed to be enjoyed over ice. Needless to say, it seemed like every detail of the "Hot in Havana" themed party was meant to be 'grammable. And, not gonna lie, I was into it.

As I waited for a goblet of rosé, I watched as an impeccably dressed blogger donning a sparkly heart sticker near her eye posed for a professional camera in the tent's lush lounge area. Behind me, various versions of the line "So, how many followers do you have?" were thrown back and forth amongst new acquaintances. When a server approached us with a plate containing something like a miniature igloo and a hammer, everyone's first reaction was to whip out their phones and switch on Boomerang. And sure, I may have been guilty myself, but when a giant block of ice breaks open to reveal smaller blocks of ice with raspberries inside, really, what else are you supposed to do?

As expected, the most popular photo-ops were the giant, floral letters spelling out "REVOLVE." There was an actual #OOTD line. That I happily waited on (so who am I to judge?). While most of my fellow 'grammers wanted the entire word in the shot, I settled for just the V because I love symmetry and the sound Vs make. In any case, I didn't like how any of the V pictures came out, so they have all been deleted. But I digress.

While plebes weren't allowed inside the actual house (only a select posse of bloggers were staying there), all attendees could hang in the shade on the porch, or jump in the pool, or kick their shoes off and bring a bottle of bubbly onto the dance floor. Surprisingly enough, plenty of the flawless fashion girls were totally friendly and approachable - we all bonded over a tick check in the bathroom line (an important ritual in the Hamptons, FYI). And sure, there may be something a little contrived about an experience that's meant to be shared on social media, but if guests are having a lot of fun doing it - who cares? 

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[Photos by Getty /Matthew Eisman for Moët & Chandon]