A Word Of Advice To All Hamptons' Summer Share House Guests

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 26, 2009

    [Picture via SMH.com] For many, the Hamptons is the most magical place on Earth (after DisneyWorld?). A place of palatial estates, sprawling green lawns, and country clubs with waiting lists even longer than their members full names. It can be a place of polos, endless parties and clubs with $2,000 tables for some. But obviously, the Hamptons is extremely multi-faceted, and this is only one side of it. Thanks to the magic of summer house shares, the Hamptons has become a weekend escape from the cement confines of New York and beyond for everyone from recent college grads to Fortune 500 CEOs. So if you are one of those who will be packing your bags every weekend this summer (or every other depending on your half vs. full share status), and heading out to a share house of your choice, take a look at our suggestions of some things you may need to bring - especially if you're new to the whole share house adventure. Because whether it be 20 of your closest "friends" on Dune Road you're house-sharing with, or 30 total strangers in Watermill, always better safe than sorry.

    Ear plugs: No, not just for sleeping in, but for drowning out. Late night activities can go pretty late... and loud. Hook-ups, hang-outs, whatever - the perfect cure when all you want is sleep.

    Extra toilet paper: Make sure to find a good hiding place, because it's going to become a rare commodity by the end of the weekend. You can probably use it as a bargaining chip later on in the game.

    Clorox wipes: Just remember what the frat houses looked like in college. Now you'll understand the need for these. If you run out, I'd recommend just pouring booze all over everything. Afterall, alcohol kills germs too, right?

    Your own bed linens: We know this is a hassle, but think about it - You are not the only one sleeping in that bed. You are not the only one doing GOD knows what in that bed. If there's not enough room in your suitcase, you could always just sleep on the floor. Make sure to clorox wipe it first.

    Shower sandals: There was a reason you needed them in college, and there is a reason you need them in a house shared by this many people.

    Sleeping bag: Alternative to sharing a bed with 3 people.

    Tide pens: Because you know either the washing machine doesn't work, will be full, or someone will put something in there while it's running. And even if you don't spill something on yourself, someone else will. We'd also recommend Febreeze. On everything.

    A lockbox: For anything valuable you were stupid enough to bring with.... I mean uh, you may have with you.

    Advil: Do not let anyone hear your Advil bottle rattle or they will come flocking at you like seagulls to a piece of bread. When hangovers exist, this is more precious in a share house than the keys to the one car that is blocking everyone else's in.

    Power Bars: When all the food in the rest of the house runs out, and all that everyone is left with are potato chips and a bag of candy corn, you will be glad you have at least something nutritional to keep the night's alcohol down.

    Sleep mask: It's the closest thing you'll get to being alone once you enter the house. Unless you make a run for it.

    Take my advice- I've slept in a Hamptons share house before. So while I never had to spend my night sleeping on a lounge chair, I heard many horror stories, and I definitely had to keep my fingers crossed for hot water once or twice. But just think - at the end of the summer, your alcohol tolerance will certainly be higher, and beer pong skills will more than likely be better.

    Regardless of how you're spending your summer - friends, family, total strangers - it starts NOW, so enjoy every second of it! And most importantly, no matter where you are: don't forget the sunscreen!