Champagne Wishes And Concierge Dreams, Checking In On A Summer Concierge Service

by CARSON GRIFFITH · June 1, 2009

    Last week while standing in line for the Hampton Jitney on the way back from the city, a demure and well-spoken woman came up to me. 'Going to the Hamptons?' she said. 'Um, yes,' I tried to say through a mouth full of chicken sandwich (hey, it had been a long day week). 'We just started a new business you might be interested in,' she handed me an envelope and mysteriously slinked away. Feeling a little like Chuck Bass with his weird stamp and bizarro secret society (minus drugs and prostitutes), I opened up the formal yellow envelope she handed me with a perfectly tied black ribbon as she walked away. Unfortunately, it didn't hold an invitation to somewhere I could spot Ed Westwick, but I definitely didn't throw it out with my copy of the Post when I got on the jitney. Now I'm sure summer concierge services are as popular as say, seersucker, when it comes to the Hamptons, but there were three things that caught my eye about the one included in this envelope, besides the fact this put-together woman bombarded me in the jitney line with it (hands-on marketing: always a plus).

    iThe first: the two women who started this service formerly worked for Hamptons Cottages & Gardens' magazine, therefore knowing the ins and outs of the homes, the area, and the creativity needed to  get it off the ground. The second, was the pricing. Not bad, considering it is the Hamptons. And flexible in terms of what they'll do for you (basically, anything you want - although I think the Chuck Bass lifestyle of drugs and prostitution might be a little out of the question). These ladies are also interior decorators. You can check it out on their website. We like the fact they give referral discounts. With that in mind - Adriane and Jami, considering how many readers we get a month, does this mean we get free champagne for the rest of the summer? Only joking! (Kind of).

    [So just what was in that little yellow envelope of mine? Here's all the info, and how to find out more:]

    A&J Interiors

    SUMMER CONCIERGE SERVICE Start every weekend off on the right foot

    After a long and stressful winter why not pamper yourself this summer? Make the most of the season and feel like a guest at a 5 star resort in your beach retreat with luxurious concierge services from two former Hamptons Cottages & Gardens' magazines creative staffers.

    For only $125 you'll arrive home and find:

    - a bottle of chilled champagne -beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers - sheets turned down, pillows fluffed, chocolate waiting at your bedside -porch lights switched on windows opened and breezes floating in

    For an additional fee we'll:

    -stock the fridge -source decorating items like candles, towels, sheets, etc -help decorate for a weekend party

    Makes a great hostess gift!

    Get 25 percent off when you book 8 sessions for the summer, 15 percent when booking 4, Refer two friends who book 8 sessions and get one free.

    For more information: