Evesdropping Is What Guests Do Best

by Adam Bertrand · May 23, 2008

    [Image via Newsday]

    Cicadas take 17 years to reach their full buzzing, whirring, exoskeleton shedding potential. Guess how old the massive Brood XVI is? Click here for a map of expected onslaughts.

    No more texting on route 97? WTF!

    Spotted: Chuck Bass shedding his hot pink Vilebrequins for Nautica-ed townie. That's right, people, Gossip Girl's coming to the Hamptons...

    Pink Elephant keeps lease, loses patio. Now where are we going to spew our Dom and Goldman cookies?

    Dan's Hamptons releases Social Survival Calendar. First up is the Planned Parenthood benefit. How very liberal!