Five Best Places To Get Your Burn On This Summer

by Anna Lombardi · May 19, 2011

    Summer is all about sun, swimming, food and booze. The last two mentioned are the reasoning behind this post. If jogging on 27 is not your thing, and long walks on the beach are not getting the job done, look no further than our list of the top places to kick it up a notch!

    1. Love Yoga

    Where: Montauk

    Workout: Classes offered include meditation, "New Love" (geared towards first time yoga practicers, or those who want to re educate themselves on the basics of yoga), "Tough Love" (for the more advanced) and others that fall in between. Love Yoga has a fabulous staff of teachers who are kind, patient and helpful. Also offered through this amazing studio is surfing lessons! With the option of individual or group lessons you can grab a board and spend an afternoon with pro Mikey Detemple.


    *Another plus about this place, is the amazing coffee shop next door, Coffee Tauk! A little yoga a little coffee and you are good to go!"

    2. Mark Tuthill's Martial Arts Center

    Where: East Hampton

    Workout: If you are looking to shake up your workout and burn massive calories, this is your place! Workouts include Cardio kickboxing which is described on the website,

    "Our workouts are hard core and encompass stretching, weight training, heavy bags, medicine balls, rope jumping, resistance training, plyometric drills and more. If you are serious about fitness and not afraid to push your limits, you’ve got to give it a try. No two training sessions are the same. We guarantee you’ll never get bored and you’ll always have fun."

    Also offered are hour and a half classes (for adults 16 and up) for those who want to learn "the art of Small Circle Jujitstu." The class will introduce you to grappling, weapons defense, empty-handed defense, multiple attack situations, striking, kicking and joint locking!

    There are kid Jujitsu programs offered as well.


    3. Soul Bridgehampton

    Where: Bridgehampton and East Hampton

    Workout: If spinning is your jam than look no further than SoulCycle. With each instructor made to complete a training program all of the indoor cycling classes are geared and guaranteed to give you the best full body workout. Over the years these classes have become very popular, and you do have to make sure that you reserve a seat, but there is really no ride like a SoulCycle ride.


    4. B-East

    Where: Amagansett

    Workout: If Soul-Cycle is too much for you, B-East is where it is at. They not only offer amazing cycling classes, but they have


    Zumbatomic (kid zumba classes)

    Sportzone (a 60 minute kickingboxing class that incorportates strength and conditioning with medicine balls, body bars and light weights)

    90 minute outdoor bootcamps

    Body Blast & Core (BBC; strength training that uses weights, medicine balls or bands, with blasts of cardio, abdominal work and stretch cool down)

    TR-XTRA which is described on the site as

    "boot campstyle conditioning program incorporates all the components of fitness in a fun, non-competitive, group setting. Many training tools including: TRX, power wheel, bosu ball, plyometric boxes, and agility ladders are implemented into this workout to ensure maximum results! When done at a high level of intensity, this class will put you on the fast track to optimal full body conditioning!"

    TR-XBOX that can have you burning up to 1,000 calories per class!


    5. Summer Kicks

    Where: East Hampton

    Workout: There are so many different types of full body workouts going on at this place. You have to check out the site to see all that they have to offer. One of the more popular classes is Mark Hendricks (a "God" in the workout world according to Vogue) PureStrength! class. A complete body conditioning class, Mark gets all muscle groups worked in this constant movement class with cardio components. It is described on the webiste as being, "a challenging, fun and great workout!"