Guest of a Guest Hamptons Cliché Of The Week ©

by Adam Bertrand · July 28, 2008

    bridgehampton polo clubFor the most part, the Hamptons have been what I'd expected, only more so. The prevalence and blatancy of sponsors, however, came as a huge surprise. Sure a Bluestar Jets Field wouldn't garner even one eye roll were it in Vegas, or Atlantic City, but here, in what is supposed to be a bastion of all things Brahmin?

    Nearly every event and venue I've been to out here has been heavily sponsored, with the only variation being the degree to which the product/brand is referenced in the event and venue's title. I suppose it doesn't make sense to foot the bill yourself if a company will do it for you, but I can't help feeling that what you've saved financially you've lost in class.

    Plus, oftentimes the product placement can be somewhat confusing. Will Calvin Klein be competing in his show jumping derby? And why do we care about Manhattan Morgage Company's opening ceremonies, or Sotheby's International Realty challenge? Such are questions to ponder over Goosetinis whilst being spritzed with FIJI water poolside at the Grey Goose Manor.

    [Image via Hampton Event]