Jill Zarin's Pearls Of Wisdom

by Adam Bertrand · July 7, 2008

    ask jillThis week the red-headed RHONY dishes on Governors, Gin Lane, and more online dating...

    One of the benefits of buying on Gin Lane is the entertaining value of reciprocating and building your network.

    When we left [the Land Rover Event] we were presented with a photo album with our picture already in it. Now that was class.

    Sleep and try to wake up naturally. If you need an alarm to wake up go to bed earlier until you figure out how to wake up without an alarm

    My staple advice is to continue Internet dating.

    If someone says they have someone in mind, follow up until you get that date.

    Please don't think being a tourist is a bad thing!

    Meeting people is easy. Making friends is a longer process.