Jill Zarin's Pearls Of Wisdom

by Adam Bertrand · July 24, 2008

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    After a week's hiatus (where were you, oh housewife?), Doug's absolute favorite redhead ever is back with more advice on starting your own business and weekend guestiquette, plus her encounter with govna Patterson.

    I try to respect dress codes when people go to the effort to design the decor around it.

    No matter what, you need a business plan.

    It is NOT rude to leave your guests as long as you tell them in advance.

    If any of you are looking for love, you never know if you might find it here!

    [Governor Paterson] was funny, warm, and approachable, not your typical politician with the standard one-liners and classic lines you would expect.

    Please enjoy your summer and go to charities, they are all for good causes!

    [Image via Hamptons.com]